Botanicals in Gin: About HHH Spirits

At HHH, we’re proud to stock an exclusive range of botanical gins perfect for any occasion. Great for cocktails or even just on the rocks, our gins are a bar trolley staple across the country. But what are gin botanicals, and what is it about them that sets HHH spirits apart from the rest? Let’s find out.

What Are Botanicals in Gin

Before you can learn about what makes HHH Spirits different from any other gin distiller, it’s important to learn the basics. There are four main ingredients, or botanicals if you will, in gin. Those botanicals are:

  • Juniper
  • Coriander seeds 
  • Citrus peel
  • A root of some kind 

It’s combining these botanicals that give gin its distinct herbal taste. At HHH Spirits, we do things a little differently, though, experimenting with other botanicals to create refined flavours our customers love. One of those flavours is Geraldton wax. 

Geraldton Wax Gin at HHH Spirits

The discovery of Geraldton wax was a lucky coincidence (and one we’re extremely proud of). Chamelaucium uncinatum — that’s its technical name — is found far and wide across WA, but its distinct floral properties is what makes HHH Spirits what it is today. Our founder, Hilton, has a nose for these things, and once he was introduced to the aromatic scents that derive from Geraldton wax by a local Indigenous gentleman, he just knew its addition to his gin would be revolutionary. He was right. Described as ‘Australia in a bottle, our signature Wax Lyrical gin is a combination of juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, cassia bark, liquorice root, calamus root, almond, lemon peel and, of course, Geraldton wax. It’s reminiscent of the Australian Bush and contains earthy and floral undertones that make smelling our product just as good as drinking it. 

Now, Wax Lyrical is phenomenal — on its own, in a cocktail, with some tonic, on the rocks — however you decide to drink it, you’ll love it. But if you’re after something that looks as beautiful as it tastes, you might want to give our Wax Lyrical Blue a try. 

A variation of Wax Lyrical, this tantalising product contains Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, giving the gin its signature deep blue colouring. When mixed with tonic, it turns an elegant pink or lilac, creating a replenishing beverage that perfectly encapsulates the science and the beauty behind every HHH Spirits product.  

Savour the Flavour Today! 

Founded in 2018, HHH Spirits was built on hard work and a passion for distilling. Always focussing on people over profit, HHH is dedicated to creating delectable spirits that our customers can enjoy all year round. Shop our selection of botanical gins and experience the HHH Spirits difference today!


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