A Brief History of Western Australian Gin

We’ve titled this one ‘A Brief History of Western Australian Gin’ because, well, the Australian gin industry is really still in its infancy. Not even two decades old, this young yet flourishing trade is making leaps and bounds across the world. 

The Spirit of Gin Begins

The earliest documentation of gin being made in Australia only dates back to the early 2000s, with the mainland’s first dedicated gin distillery opening in WA in 2005. It was the start of what would soon become a booming industry, with gin distillers using the fruitful Western Australian agriculture to produce iconic spirits enjoyed nationwide.

Today, the Western Australian gin industry is thriving, with distillery tours available right up and down this great state. While it’s true distilling gin in Australia is relatively new, there’s no doubt that we’re making a ruckus in the industry, and we at HHH Spirits are no exception.

Australian Gin: Making History Happen

As we said, producing gin in Australia is quite new, but that puts distilleries like us in a unique position. Adopting traditional techniques and coupling them with exciting and innovative ideas, we’re at the forefront of new-age gin production in Australia. 

Every new Australian gin distillery differs from our forefathers. We have the advantage of having access to incredible native flora; flora that offers flavours and scents not found anywhere else in the world. While still so young, Australia has revolutionised gin production, creating lasting flavours that perfectly encapsulate the Australian spirit. At HHH, we’re proud to be a part of that revolution, producing high-quality gin and making history one earthy drop at a time. 

Look Out, There’s a New Gin on the Block

As far as new Western Australian gins go, HHH Spirits takes the cake. Releasing our first batch in 2020, we’ve produced a timeless spirit that is as smooth as it is flavoursome. Incorporating hints of the Australian bushland and coupling it with our founder’s innate intrigue for experimentation, we’ve developed a product that looks sleek and tastes even better. Don’t just take our word for it, though. We encourage every gin connoisseur to give it a try; we promise it won’t disappoint. Become part of history and order your very own bottle of HHH Spirits gin today! 


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