Wax Lyrical Blue, Gin Bottle

Wax Lyrical Blue: Colour-Changing Gin

Blue Pea Flower, Geraldton Wax and Botanicals

500ml | 40% Alc

Yes, you read that right. Here at HHH, we’ve developed a colour-changing gin that is as delightful as it is delicious. More than just a household liquor staple, our signature Wax Lyrical Blue is a conversation starter everywhere.

Wax Lyrical Blue is a variation of Wax Lyrical, HHH Distill’s first-release gin featuring Geraldton Wax as its signature ingredient. As a variation, it contains Blue Butterfly Pea flower (Latin: Clitoria ternatea) infused post-distillation, giving this iconic gin its heavenly blue colour. Mix it with tonic and watch the signature blue transform into a stunning pink or lilac right before your eyes; strength dependant, of course!

Experience the Wax Lyrical Blue Difference

Many pea flower gins are actually purple in the bottle and change shade to lilac or pink when mixed with tonic. At HHH Spirits, though, we’ve managed to produce a deep blue, using a lot of the pea flower to ensure that a full glass of gin and tonic still boasts a lovely deep colour.  When it comes to gorgeous and flavourful blue colour-changing gin, there’s nothing better than Wax Lyrical Blue. Order yours today!





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